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       CLOUD COMPUTING         

Cloud computing is a new technology which is introduced recently to store data, information of people around the world and even various handy applications over internet and remote servers. People do not have to install additional software or access their files individually. We share so many photos, videos and links all over internet. Be it Facebook, orkut, twitter all this is nothing but a part of cloud computing. For example, for using a pencil, you don’t need to own an entire tree. All these email sites like gmail, yahoo etc. are based on cloud computing. General trend shows that within a decade the majority of personal and business computing will be Internet based.


It all started when John McCarthy gave an idea that, why not publicize internet computing? A person said, “ya why not?”. Another said, “Sure we can”. Hence the cloud computing. However the term “cloud” is first coined by a telecommunication company, who started offering VPN (Virtual Private Network) service at lower price and better quality with much more efficient bandwidth utilization. The cloud symbol was used which marks a boundary around provider and consumer including servers and network infrastructure. In 1997, a scholar used a term ‘cloud computing’ in a lecture by Ramnath Chellappa. 
How Does It Work?

Cloud computing consists of several layers. Once you are wired, it is possible to share services and data within any one of the following layers.
It consists of hardware or software necessary to perform Cloud computing. They are specially designed to perform cloud based services. Ex. Browser,OS,phones etc.



They come under SaaS (software as a Service). As the name suggest, they deliver software as a service over internet. They truncate any need of any software to be installed individually. One good thing about these auto-software is that there is no need to worry about their updation. Everything is handled online.


PaaS(Platform as a Service) serves as a platform for deploying applications without the need to spend for any hardware or software


Also known as IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) provides a virtual environment for the platform as a service. Rather than purchasing servers, software, space or network equipment, clients instead buy those resources as a fully outsourced service. Suppliers bill such services and amount of resources consumed (and therefore the cost) will typically reflect the level of activity.


The servers layer consists of computer hardware and software that are specifically designed for the cloud services, including very high speed processors, cloud-specific operating systems and other powerful and robust hardware to perform instant execution of services.

By running business applications over internet servers, companies are enjoying some serious cost reduction. No maintenance costs, No licensing costs and no cost of the hardware. Furthermore, companies are able to run applications much more efficiently due to much more advanced hardware used in these servers as compared to their own machine.
Software Piracy will be greatly reduced as most of the apps and software are available online legitimately.
Cloud computing is also environmentally friendly as it removes the need for high-end PCs and laptops. Low-end computers having processors such as Intel's Atom are sufficient to run cloud applications. This will cut users energy bills by as much as 80%. 
Perhaps most notable achievement when it comes to next generation applications, is augmented reality. This is where real-time cloud data is overlaid on the camera of a smartphone or other mobile device. For example, users of the “Layar” augmented reality browser can now see photos and tweets in their area, or dancing pizzas showing them where they might like to eat.
Programming a robot to recognize everything is very difficult if one relies on internal data and processing power. However, a phone or robot with access to cloud resources including video feeds will interact with the surroundings in a far better way. Along with augmented reality, the development of artificial intelligence is likely to be a very strong outcome for the mass adoption of cloud computing.

So go ahead and check out some cool and awesome cloud apps to get a much better view of the power of cloud computing. Make a carrier in cloud computing as this is the future of technology. In few years we can clearly notice the world shifting towards ‘cloud computing’ unless of course 2012 is not the end of the world.
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