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Game under scanner : Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

A follow up to one of the greatest series 'Assassins Creed'. Its a story of Ezio Auditore who is on his quest to wipe out Borgia influence from Rome after Ezio's nemesis, Cesare Borgia capture entire city and also stole all the important artifacts and 'Apple of Eden'. With few twist and turns and a shocking end the story is quite straight forward this time as compared to Assassins Creed II. However what is more interesting is that now you can share a good amount of gameplay with our Desmond, the man sitting on animus and is the central character of the game. He has greater role to play as compared to AC II and AC I. An absolute stunner of a finale is what makes this game a complete entertainment package. We find out more later in this review.

Brutal, Extreme, Gory, Testosterone pumping are few words that comes to mind whenever i remember this game. Yes, this is not your authentic AC. It's much more hack and slash type with tons of battles and more battles which always keeps you on your toes. It's shows a dark side of the assassins creed and feels more like you are fighting a war. To be honest, it feels thrilling for like 25-30% of the game but after a while it gets out of hand, repeated and just too much. Destroying Borgia Tower for unlocking new shops and quests can be tiresome.

One major change brought in the game is that now you can recruit people of Rome to help you fight the revolution. Its like a shield that protect you when 100 of Borgia men are after your bum. You can even customize their strengths and make them even deadlier. Each recruit gain experience with fights and level up to become more and more deadly. Combat system is even killer then previous game. With a range of weapons including cross bow,poison darts etc. you feel eternal.

A new feature to keep your money safe is also introduced which is known as 'banks'. Deposit, Retrieve cash from banks to purchase stuff.

It's got by far the most beautiful environment but unfortunately it falls flat to appreciate it. It make you feel irritating and dismal as you don't have time to look at a painter painting a scenery or a beggar begging for money as it is so fast and full of fights. So all these lovely environmental elements are wasted and compensated for giving over the top action experience.

Wait ! here comes the savior !
This game apart from all-hell-break-loose gameplay also got hell lot of sensual and exotic scenes to keep you and your eyes glued to computer screen. Couldn't ask for more adult content also shows you dark and naughty side of our Ezio. If you are thinking that your beloved hero is clean hearted soldier fighting for his country then you will be a little disappointed. Also it is much shorter than previous 2 games which is a little heart breaking.

Yeah i can see your tongue outside your mouth, please control while the review is completed !!!

Brotherhood introduce a whole lotta characters to watch out for. Excellent cast i should say. One of them is Salai, Leonardo da Vinci's assistant and a mischievous rascal who enjoys flirting with Ezio. Once again you can see Caterina Sforza, Nicolo Machiavelli, and Ezio's sister Claudia, though the game's most memorable character is that of : Lucrezia Borgia, Cesare's sister and lover. A vampish appearance along with cunning, sharp and seductive dialogues keeps you in wonderland. Its hard to keep hold of her (like most of the hot girls). Below is the picture of Cesare Borgia, the main villain hungry for power and can do anything to get what he wants including killing of his father Rodrigo.

Once again you will get a glimpse of most memorable character of entire Assassin creed series, Leonardo Da Vince. La Volpe, a mysterious thief also has a part to play in the game. All in all an excellent casting with each character has its role to play.

Almost similar to Assassins creed II. A little more colored and gives a warmer feel maybe because of environment itself. Nonetheless perfect.
However they look astonishing at some parts of the game especially when you play as Desmond out of the animus. Really excellent level designs. In the end, the temple level when you are playing with Desmond is literally Jaw-dropping. A masterpiece with eye popping paintings,carvings and various monuments and artifacts made of gold. I was aww-struck to see the beauty.

The music in the game was composed by Jesper Kyd, who created the scores to previous Assassin's Creed games.The soundtrack was released digitally on November 16, 2010. A physical release of the soundtrack on audio CD accompanied selected retail editions. However, the track-listing is altered from the digital release - the CD has 22 tracks, including 3 exclusive pieces, but is missing "Apple Chamber" present in the digital release.

Summing up the review i can say this one was quite a bit disappointing largely because it fails to compliment changes it brought due to a war like scenario. The speed of the game is so fast that you don't have time to appreciate things you see in the game. Sex and nudity is a little overdone. However ending takes care of most of the flaws in game. Here's a snap of final scene which gives you an idea why next Assassins Creed is named as Assassins Creed: Revelations.

Out of 10

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