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Tablet Computing : A landmark or just a scratch ?

'TABLET PC', a new revolution taking place on earth started by apple. Have you ever noticed the similarity it has with the actual revolution on earth ? i.e evolution of communication !!! Ironically it was also started with an apple. Still didn't get it ? ok, i'll tell you readers a story to digest. 

'Adam and eve were the first humans made by god. They live happily in the 'garden of Eden'. In that garden, there was a forbidden apple tree called,'tree of knowledge and wealth'. So what happened is that once a serpent(villain) asked Eve to eat the sacred apple of Eden. He promised her that she will be blessed with happiness and eternity.
And as expected, dumb Eve believed the serpent and ate it along with her hubby Adam.
They were cursed and expelled from Garden of Eden by God.'

This was the story of Adam and Eve. Now we can imagine that back then, there was no language or even speech to communicate. But how come we know this? Lets go back to out story to find out how. So after being expelled from Garden of Eden and getting cursed, Adam n Eve thought of telling this story to their children. Now that was the first time in universe there was a need for communication and that led to a big bang of communication on earth. So it all started with an 'apple'.

Tablet PC, a phenomena that is taking over the world. Look how far a paper n pencil has come. Mr. Steve Jobs, the crusader of development and innovation has delivered a Christmas gift to all of us. Almost every company is copying iPad and making better products out of it. But i want to ask readers, Is it really worth it ?

Lets take an example of best tablet available to date. Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 (choices may differ)

1 gig dual core processor, excellent touch, superb display, android, exceptionally good UI, great screen clarity along with HD video support. Lots of connectivity options and many other features. But for how long will the enjoyment last?

Lets see the cons now :

It's not exactly portable (lets admit it). Quite overpriced as compared to other gadgets and also for the features it provide. It's not comparable with a normal laptop or lets say a netbook. Writing desktop here will be stupidity. It might be compared to a smart phone but what about portability not to mention infinite apps.

An entire laptop/desktop OS is crammed in a box along with low end hardware. How much performance would you expect? Can you imagine pecking around with your finger on ultra-thin scroll bars and tiny buttons? Same goes with mobiles but again portability is a savior. In a world where everyone is demanding a sandybridge or bulldozer, where will a dual core that too a very standard one stands? In a world where everyone is demanding atleast 1TB storage, where will a mere 64gb stand? For those watching 1080P movies on laptop or TV, can a tablet match the experience they get? A mobile has literally tons of apps, whereas there are a handful of tablet apps even after 5 years of its release. Do you want to spend 30k, just to watch videos,photos and a relaxing touch ? What about 'heavy applications' ? Can a 1ghz dual core handle those apps like our lappy or desktop do? Gaming on tablet pc is still  far from reality. Even with the integration of much talked about 'Nvidia Tegra', see the quality of games. Buy a Wii/kinect and enjoy with your family. 

It's like climbing a hill(next gen CPUs,GPUs and fuctionality) and then stepping back to create a toy to keep people busy for a while. Being a performance enthusiast, I might sell Motorola Xoom in a month of use coz their is just nothing in it that lasts long enough. Eventually, the interest will be lost coz its neither a replacement for laptops nor its value for money.

Ofcource for rich and airheaded guyz it will be a luxury to own a tab but not all of us are so lucky, am i right? But that's not what i meant. I mean think for a second, It can't fit in your pocket, its not half as powerful as a laptop, apps are still in development, Hardware limitations(no heavy application support), Storage limitations, no portability. Logically and ideally isn't a good smartphone a better choice over a flashy tablet? It's designed for casual use but aren't mobiles provide everything which is in there in tablets?

The idea should be to make a tablet that is cheaper than a desktop or laptop. You don’t expect someone to buy an iPhone and dump their laptop for it, so why should you expect the same of a tablet, think of it as a larger iPhone that gives you more screen space to do stuff on. Every company is spending soo much on tablets and focus is diverted from provide better hardware and services. If statistics are correct, the whole tablet hoopla will end eventually. The speed with which technology is growing and such innovative and powerful operating systems (ios5, android, WP7) being developed, it's hard for tablet PCs to hold on the success wagon.

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